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June 16th, 2024     

Principles of Self-Managment

John C. Marshall, Ph.D.
Bob McHardy, CLU

Think of the times when you have been the happiest, most productive, and most successful. Now think about how you would do if you performed like that all the time!

It's not impossible. Good performance is almost always related to strong self-management -- and when you recognize the self-managing strategies behind your best achievements, you can begin to use them more often.

This book, based on twenty years of helping and learning from seminar participants, will help you to understand self-management and to become a better self-manager. Everyone is a self-manager, at least some of the time. But few people are self-managers fully, consistently, or systematically. This book shows you when and why you have succeeded through self-management, and helps you identify opportunities to realize your potential.

As a self-manager, you will address every aspect of your life, developing and committing to practical strategies for growth and improvement. We believe this book can help you attain greater personal and professional success. Self-management skills will make you more organized, more productive, more satisfied, and more personally fulfilled. This may sound like a tall order! But what we promise is really no more than the best you can ask of yourself, consistently, on a daily basis.
Principles of Self-Management

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