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July 23rd, 2024     


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StressPRO™ empowers individuals to become more vital, productively healthy self-managers of

  • their personal stress
  • their lifestyle balance, and
  • their worklife stress and satisfaction
Results we have created with our clients include...

Stress Pro Results for Clients

Based on a 25-year history of applied research, StressPRO™ is a 100-item online questionnaire providing each person their fully personalized, confidential Profile... a motivating, action-focused report which includes...
  • Their overall resilience snapshot, highlighting personal strengths and vulnerabilities

  • How they compare to more than 180,000 adults on these key resilience factors...

    • Personal Vitality
      • Body-Mind Wellbeing
      • Fulfillment
      • Stress Control
      • Worry Control
      • Interpersonal Satisfaction
    • Work Life Vitality
      • Work Stress
      • Work Satisfaction
      • Commitment to Job
    • Lifestyle Vitality
      • Work
      • Family
      • Friends
      • Personal Development

  • Action-focused personalized feedback regarding how to (a) build on their strengths, and (b) reduce their stress and lifestyle vulnerabilities... creating clear motivating improvements in their personal and work life resilience

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