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April 25th, 2024     


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Do you want to retain valued employees? Develop your best talent? Help your workers enhance their "employability" (and productivity)?

Our new on-line assessment tool SurvivabilityPro™ can do the trick.

In study after study, employers from across the continent have revealed their vision of an "ideal" worker to labor force experts. Technical and academic skills are important to employability, they say, but as essential are personal, interpersonal and self-management abilities. They want strong communicators who are adaptable, accountable and eager to learn. Critical thinkers who are team players and customer-oriented. Keen observers with positive attitudes who are honest and ethical.

When hearing expectations like these, employees often become overwhelmed, concerned that they will never be able to meet them, or threatened because they don't know how to begin developing such abilities.

Instead of motivating workers to learn and grow, these fairly stringent demands frequently only add to their confusion. Confused employees too easily become half-hearted workers.

In a friendly, non-threatening way, the SurvivabilityPro™ career self-management program de-mystifies and drives home the concept of "employability" but from the individual's perspective. It helps workers accept the need to take control of their own career advancement. It provides them with a concrete plan of action for skill development to enhance their own careers and increase their value to existing employers.

The on-line assessment can stand alone as self-directed tool or as part of an individual coaching process. It can also be tied into performance review programs.

Once completed, the assessment gives employees a profile of their current skill levels in ten different areas as well as suggestions for developing each skill.
  • Technical literacy
  • Self-Marketing
  • Positive attitudes and thinking
  • Communication
  • Active learning
  • Information gathering and management
  • Creativity/Applied resourcefulness
  • Entrepreneurial initiative
  • Consultative problem solving
  • Self-management of goals, time, stress and finances.
Based on the book, Survivability, Strategies for the New World of Work, by Janis Foord Kirk, supported by workshops and training programs developed over 8 years, SurvivabilityPro™ is a tried and proven model that has already helped thousands of Canadians improve their career self-management skills.

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